Even if there are many students that are considered as gifted, they are not being given the support that they need in their schools. As there are many students and they are rising in number, there are also needs that should be met like the classroom space and availability. Teachers also or all the school staff may be lacking and so students are not given much attention as many spend their time making wars and disagreements. This is the time that they should be given help.

There are programs that were in place for the gifted students so they will not be bored but beĀ able to develop their abilities. But as time pass by, the program is being abolished as a budget is not enough. They used it for other needs that should be addressed. It can be expanding the school as enrollees are continually increasing and so they need space and also teachers to teach. As other concerns were given preference so the gifted program was one by one erased.


Now the challenge relies then on teachers that had students who are considered as gifted. With this occurrence, many had made their own books and give some tips on how they could be helped. If they were not given any role or task that they could do at their level of intelligence, they might be bored. That is why if you have someone who is considered as a gifted child then you can help them by giving activities there age is not doing.