The gifted education has been already recognized around the world. it is now seen and known that there should be a different pace and program for the students who are considered as gifted. That is because they could perform well when they are with others like them. They could not perform at their best when they are put in the middle. As it has the advantages of a nation to have their own students that are considered as gifted so movement was made to help.

It is now part of a school curriculum whether private or public to include the needs of the gifted children. If they were to remain in their situation then they could not achieve the maximum ability they could have. That is why the move was made and it has been implemented in other countries. Though the program is different in various countries, they have the same aim. Gifted children are helpful to a country if they were to be taken care of in any aspect.

That is why it is ensured that they were given enough of what they could handle. There are also separate schools that were established that caters for the gifted students. They are ones who are now giving the education that would harness the students’ capabilities. They could undergo tests and even interview in some countries before students could enter the school. They are really being tested if they possess the higher ability than others before they are finally accepted.