Education for the students that are considered as gifted is different than normal students. It is not helpful sometimes or most of the time when gifted students were not given what they should have an education. The term gifted education is broad in its coverage and meaning. It can refer to the procedures being used and followed, the special practices in place in consideration of the special students, and the theories that are being used in providing the education needed.

The gifted education has the recommended approach of accelerating their learning status. They are different from normal students and they can do more complicated activities. That is why they should receive advance activities or lessons and they could have projects different from the others in the class. There are two words that could be used to describe the education they need and that is the acceleration and enrichment program. While others may be in one lesson, gifted students can proceed with a new lesson.

Sometimes the coverage of the gifted students is not clear. There could be people who are considered as gifted in one area but not in other areas. One could be gifted in terms of arts and music but do not do well in English class. There are programs that are being used to cater to the gifted students but some are disappearing in many schools because of lack of budget. As others need is more urgent for the bigger population so they are diverting the funds to it.